NDT Services offers several packages designed to serve our customer’s specific needs. These include.

1.) Monitoring condition of water wall and superheater tubes and other piping operating at high temperature and pressure in power
generation boilers (Click to read more)

2.) Monitoring the condition of steam turbines. (Click to read more)

3.) Periodic inspection & re-certification of Horton spheres & bullets storing LPG, Hydrocarbons, petrochemicals & liquid ammonia in
accordance with static & mobile pressure vessels rules under Indian Explosives Act. (Click to read more)

4.) Providing manpower & instruments to process plants during major turn around for inspection of static pressure equipment & piping.
(Click to read more)

5.) Periodic condition monitoring of Atmospheric liquid ammonia low temperature storage tanks. (Click to read more)

6.) Inspection of drilling & work over rigs used in oil fields, including rig equipment. (Click to read more)

7.) Inspection of oil field tubulars. (Click to read more)

8.) Ultrasonic thickness measurement of vessels & piping operating at temperature upto 450°C. (Click to read more)
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